What's gone wrong for Mack Brown?

Earlier this year, I suggested to a Big 12 coach that it was as wide open as the league has perhaps ever been. He agreed, and said you could make a case for five or six of the conference’s 10 teams and then started going one by one, handicapping each contender’s chances.

I noticed Texas was missing from the first few assessments, but he eventually got to the Longhorns.

“And Texas,” he said, heaving a sigh and pausing, “I just don’t know. ... I don’t know what they are.”

What they are now is 1-2, for the first time since 1998. That was Mack Brown’s first season at Texas. Is this his last?

Some coaches I know say yes, and they were saying it before the season even began. One reason, as the coach above hinted at, is a loss of identity. Even Horns fans would have a hard time answering what the brand of “Texas football” currently is.