Teams with most potential to improve

Sometimes it takes a few weeks for a team to hit its stride. Whether the catalyst for improvement comes from a better understanding of offensive or defensive systems, rising players, game experience for underclassmen or an easier stretch on the schedule, each season we see a number of favorites step up their games as they head into the heart of conference play.

Last year, the Stanford Cardinal and Texas A&M Aggies were among the top teams that improved a great deal following the first month of the season. While Stanford came together on both sides of the ball, A&M took off with the rise of Johnny Manziel.

Which 2013 teams could follow in their footsteps?

Here’s a look at six with the most potential to improve in the season’s final two months:

Florida Gators

Granted that there are greater challenges ahead, beginning next week at LSU, but QB Tyler Murphy has given the Gators a desperately needed offensive spark. Maybe it isn’t a spark, really, so much as a balance to the excellent defense that is currently first in the SEC in yards-per-play allowed (3.8).