Sports and entertainment stars react to Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. fight

Tyson and Jones duke it out in exhibition (1:01)

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight to a draw as they go toe-to-toe in a highly anticipated exhibition match. (1:01)

Many sports fans perhaps needing a nostalgia fix tuned in to watch boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition fight in Los Angeles on Saturday night. They were treated to some decent action, too.

That probably was a surprise from Tyson and Jones, who both are over 50 years old and have a combined age of 105.

Tyson, 54, didn't land the power punches that made him "the baddest man on the planet," and Jones, known for his speed and showmanship, never could get any type of consistent rhythm going. But they both worked hard, mostly trying to attack the body of their opponent, leading to what was ruled a draw. Tyson, however, clearly seemed to be the more aggressive of the two.

While some poked fun at the fighters for their age, several big names in sports and entertainment took to social media to show their appreciation for both Tyson and Jones after their bout.