NFL championship weekend betting takeaways

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS -- Over the course of this past NFL season, we've recapped all the games and separated them into bad beats, easy covers and 50/50 results.

The two conference championship games this past Sunday were mostly anticlimactic as the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots routed the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively, to earn their berths in Super Bowl LI as favorites improved to 8-2 SU and ATS in this year's playoffs. However, we're still going to recap the games from a betting perspective -- especially for those who were unable to watch the games.

Besides, while the point-spread results weren't in much doubt, the over/unders weren't determined until well into the fourth quarters of both games; overs went 2-0 to improve to 7-3 in the postseason. There are other sports-betting notes along the way, plus I'll give my handicapping takeaways from each game.

We'll also include Rufus Peabody's numbers to give an analytical look at which teams should've covered based on the fundamentals and statistics that Massey-Peabody considers predictive.

Note: We'll point out crazy over/under results, but this is primarily a recap of the against-the-spread (ATS) results.