NFL Week 2 upset picks

Ben Fawkes

The second week of the NFL season can be difficult to analyze. On one hand, it's important not to obsess over Week 1 results and forget everything we knew going into the season. (There's a reason why Football Outsiders calls this "National Jump to Conclusions Week.") On the other hand, you do want to incorporate what you've learned in Week 1.

The line for Monday night's Seattle-Chicago matchup seems to lean a bit more toward the latter than the former, and that makes this game our Week 2 upset watch.

Upset Watch: Seattle (+3.5) at Chicago

The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears both lost in Week 1, but it was fairly clear that the Bears played a better game. They had the lead for most of the night, and all indications suggest they had a tougher opponent. Chicago is 13th in Football Outsiders' DVOA ratings for Week 1, the highest rating for a team that lost its Week 1 game. Seattle is 26th.

However, that's just the rating from one game.