NFL futures bets to make right now

Adrian Peterson and the Redskins have a strong chance to claim the NFC East division this season. Elsa/Getty Images

Those of us in the business of advanced NFL statistics have worked long and hard on our respective metrics for rating how good teams are and which teams are most likely to win the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, there's another set of numbers out there that will come close to even the best advanced NFL power rating metrics. It turns out that the Vegas odds are one of the best, most accurate ways of measuring team quality and probabilities going forward.

Nonetheless, Football Outsiders does have some disagreements with the current Vegas odds. We've looked through our DVOA ratings through Week 10, and five teams stand out as offering value where Football Outsiders odds are better than the odds being given in Vegas.

(DVOA is Football Outsiders' proprietary Defense-adjusted Value Over Average metric which looks at a team's performance on every play and adjusts based on situation and opponent, explained further here.)