NFL Week 2 early betting look: Buy the Cowboys' offense


What do the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos all have in common? They were all woeful in Week 1. Overreactions are abound, which makes betting on -- or against -- these teams in Week 2 very compelling.

But what else did we learn in Week 1? Lamar Jackson won the league's MVP award, Gardner Minshew won Offensive Rookie of the Year and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIV.

I say this in jest, but those are legitimate reactions I have seen running rampant since Sunday (even if the Patriots one is probably true). I'll be driving this home throughout the start of this NFL season, but one of the biggest mistakes a bettor can make is betting the NFL in Week 2 based solely on the results of Week 1 (or the results of any single week for that matter). Paying premiums does not equal value, and we are on a constant search for value.

I'll be discussing the team performances I'm buying and selling each week and taking a look at early line moves with which I agree and disagree. Let's dive into some of the details that stuck out to me in Week 1 -- and we'll look at how we can apply them to our betting process for Week 2.