College football betting tips: Boston College's big challenge

SVP looking for redemption with his Week 4 winners (2:48)

After a rough Week 3, Scott Van Pelt picks his winners for Week 4 of the college football season. (2:48)

"You play like you practice," the old coaches' adage goes -- and it's mostly true. To know what's likely to happen on Saturday, you've got to know what's happening in the meeting rooms and on the practice fields during the week. That's why the college football practice report is here for you every Friday with the inside word on weekly preparations around the country.

We'll check in on depth charts, game plans, personnel and health; unmask practice standouts ready to break out; assess the quality of prep, the mood of the fans and the coaches' message for the week; and let you know who's distracted and who's dialed in. All so that you can make more educated wagers.

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Boston College Eagles (-8.5, 57.5) at Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Steve Addazio won't be the first former Urban Meyer assistant who can trace his firing to an unexpected loss to Kansas. Addazio might have his team back on track this week -- the players are embarrassed and a little angry, which is good -- but it's over between him and the fan base. Anything less than a rally to a 6-1 record heading into Clemson, and apathy will be at a peak down the stretch of a schedule that sees the Eagles on the road for four of their last five games. The fallout we've observed this week has us planning ahead for fade spots in November when the fans' outlook spreads to the team.