NFL Week 6 early betting look: Undefeated 49ers still offering value


I mentioned this in my Week 6 first look on Monday, but nothing fascinates me more than the Washington Redskins-Miami Dolphins showdown on Sunday in Miami. Arguably the worst team in the history of the NFL had a bye week to prepare to face the second-worst team of the season (Washington is winless with a -78 point differential). This is one of the better opportunities for the Dolphins to notch a win this season. The early betting market moved from as high as Miami +5.5 to the current +3.5 number. Was it warranted? I believe it was. My projection is Dolphins +2.7, so I still show a little value on the Miami side. Fortunately, we are never forced to make a bet. This is a team that is 0-4 ATS and has been outscored by 137 points. Bye week or not, it has the inferior roster. I'll be rooting for Dolphins fans, but for now I don't have it in me to get involved.

I did, however, add two division futures bets that I believe offer value in Week 6. I also broke down a line move my projections agree with, but I explained why the specific matchup kept me away. Finally, a line move that I wholeheartedly disagree with sets up nice teaser options on the new underdog.