The 20 biggest Championship Week betting surprises

Rob Tringali for ESPN

Using SP+ ratings, there might be a little bit of gambling value to be found in this week's batch of 10 college football conference title games. There's about a three-point difference -- in favor of the underdog each time -- between SP+ projections and the early market for Ohio State (-17) vs. Wisconsin, LSU (-6.5) vs. Georgia, and Oklahoma (-9.5) vs. Baylor.

Plus, as has been the case all season, SP+ likes Memphis more than the Books do (the Tigers are -10 in the early market but are 15.4-point projected favorites) and is criminally underselling Clemson (it projects a 21-point win but has been a couple of touchdowns off for most of the Tigers' late-year rampage through the ghastly ACC).

Feel free to use that information however you choose. But today, let's focus primarily on the glorious Championship Week moments that no system -- be it sports books' or some nerds' computers -- could have rightfully seen coming.

Conference championships have been around since the SEC took the leap in 1992. By 1996, the Big 12 and others began to join the party as well. Below are the 20 most unexpected results in the history of FBS conference title games.