NFL Week 2 market watch: Five line moves worth noting

The Rams got past the Cowboys in Week 1, but don't write off Dallas just yet. AP Photo/Ashley Landis

One of the toughest things to do following Week 1 of the NFL season is to not overreact to single-game samples but still make necessary adjustments. I tend to be cautious, and considering everybody had a unique offseason and there were no preseason games, it's probably best not to make big decisions based on results just yet.

Via ESPN Stats and Information, in the past 10 seasons, teams that are 0-1 going into Week 2 are 46-34 ATS against teams that are 1-0. I could also flip a coin and land heads 46 times out of 80. But I'm not ready to call those results 100% noise either. There are certainly occasions during the season when we see market overreaction, and Week 2 is one of them.

Here's a look at some of the biggest line moves so far in Week 2, and whether they line up with my personal projections or not.

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns