Connelly: Week 14 was wild, and what teams are the biggest underachievers?

Matt Gentry/The Roanoke Times via AP

Saturday was an oddity in college football. Rice's 20-0 win over Marshall, the first shutout of a team favored by at least three touchdowns since 1996, was 44.5 points off the final spread of Rice +24.5. Miami's 48-0 win over Duke was 33.5 points off. In the Big 12, Texas' and Iowa State's big wins (over Kansas State and West Virginia, respectively) were 30.5 and 30 points off.

In terms of totals, Texas-Kansas State was also 48 points above the over/under line, Missouri-Arkansas was 43.5 points over, and Texas Tech-Kansas was 34.5 points under.

Actually, let me rephrase: Saturday would have been an oddity in most seasons. In 2020, it's basically par for the course.