Best Week 3 NFL Eliminator picks

You don't have to look far to find Teddy Bridgewater and the top Eliminator pool picks. David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

Eliminator Challenge is one of the simplest and most fun games during the NFL season. Pick one team to win each week. If that team wins, you advance to the next week. Lose once, and you're out. The only caveat is you cannot pick the same team twice.

The key is to find a good balance of picking winners while also not mortgaging future weeks by burning up all your good teams for later. Injuries and teams either overachieving or underachieving will always open up more opportunities later, so early in the season there is less incentive to worry about saving teams.

To make these recommendations, I look at a combination of ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI), point spreads from Caesars Sportsbook, injury reports, upcoming schedules and any other stats that can potentially provide an edge.

You can find all the rules here. (For more on how FPI is calculated, click here and here.)

This week, two teams stand out above the rest: the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. They are the two biggest betting favorites, and each team is playing its easiest game for the rest of the season according to FPI. While they are the two chalkiest picks, both are below 25% as of Tuesday evening.