Minnesota Vikings are overrated

Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings are off to a surprising 4-1 start. AP Photo/Genevieve Ross

With every team now having played at least four games, we are starting to get a clearer picture of where they stand. Which team is artificially high based upon its record? Which team has come through a rocky start to show signs of launching into a streak through its midseason schedule?

Let's look at the most overrated and underrated team this week in ESPN's NFL Power Rankings.

Overrated -- Minnesota Vikings

Although they have a very reasonable claim to being the most improved team in the NFL, are the Vikings really the eighth-best team in football? Does one blip win over the San Francisco 49ers at home really elevate this team into the top 10 of the NFL? It was another impressive victory for Minnesota this week, but, like other teams before them, the Tennessee Titans failed to note the formula that has gotten the Vikings this far: taking the game out of the hands of Christian Ponder and putting the fate of the offense on the other skill position players.