Jenna Laine ESPN Staff Writer 

Baker Mayfield on Ndamukong Suh: "I told him my wife went to Nebraska too, so I thought he was going to take it easy on me." Mayfield was then asked if that's why he gave him a tap on the helmet. "Mhmmm. I don't think it helped."

Mayfield 'frustrated' after preseason struggles (0:32)
Mayfield's final pass is intercepted (0:18)
Lindor's homer powers Cleveland's win (0:23)
Winston feels the pressure from the Browns (0:36)

Jake Trotter ESPN Staff Writer 

Baker Mayfield's half — and likely his preseason — ends with an interception. Mayfield has completed only 10 of 26 passes for 72 yards.

Davis looks like Willie Mays with a terrific catch in left (0:31)
Clippard, Puig throw ball all over field on routine plays (0:39)