Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Wisconsin at Michigan State

Michigan State and Wisconsin are in for a close game when the Badgers head to East Lansing in Week 5.

Wisconsin offense vs. Michigan State defense
• RBs John Clay (248 pounds) and Montee Ball (236 pounds) are at their best between the tackles, and their ability to grind out yards makes it difficult to get the Badgers' offense off the field. The Spartans will be aggressive and fill hard to slow Clay and Bell, but Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst can help open up the middle and keep Michigan State honest in two ways. First, Chryst can shift formations and/or put receivers in motion before the snap, forcing the Spartans' linebackers to make sound gap adjustments to avoid getting gashed for a long run. Secondly, use deception. Chryst can put a receiver in motion and either hand him the ball or fake to him and send a running back up the middle. And while QB Scott Tolzien is not a great athlete, he has decent speed and can extend drives with his feet when he gets a seam, so Michigan State SLB Eric Gordon and MLB Greg Jones cannot get overaggressive and overrun plays in pursuit.