Team preview: TCU

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Want to stump your friends on sports trivia they're almost certain to miss? One simple, multiple choice question.

Since 2000, which of the following teams has the best overall winning percentage?

A. Michigan
B. Florida
C. Florida State
D. Tennessee

Counting out random guesses at the least obvious answer, most wouldn't say TCU. And they would be wrong.

Short of last September's season-opening upset victory at Oklahoma, very few football fans outside Texas would realize just what the Horned Frogs have accomplished during those six seasons.

Current head coach Gary Patterson has been leading the charge for five of them, and his 43 career wins already has him fourth on the school's all-time win list. He's the only coach in school history with three 10-win seasons. With five wins this season, he would pass Francis Schmidt and move into third all-time, something that seems very possible considering the returning talent the Frogs have from last year's near-perfect 11-1 campaign.

For his success, Patterson was awarded a very lengthy contract extension through 2012 last November.