Team preview: California

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(All information as of June 20, 2007)


If one compiled a poll of the 119 Football Bowl Subdivision programs -- with each head coach, offensive and defensive coordinator taking part -- there would probably be two names atop the "Best Offensive Mind" list.

Sure, the Ole Ball coach would receive some votes, but after a miserable two-year stint with the Washington Redskins and mixed results at South Carolina, Steve Spurrier can no longer claim the crown.

Hawaii's June Jones? Sure, he deserves some nods for running arguably the most entertaining offensive system in the nation.

And, yes, others would grab a vote or two here and there, but in the end, Florida's Urban Meyer and Cal's Jeff Tedford would rank 1-2, and not necessarily in that order. Sure, Meyer has the national title, plus the undefeated run with Utah in 2004, but this isn't about wins and losses per se, it's about which coach maxes out his offensive talent on a season-to-season basis. Is there anyone willing to debate Cal had more talent on its roster last season than Florida? Didn't think so.