Team preview: Indiana

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Editor's Note: Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner died on June 19 due to complications from a brain tumor. Most of the information below was gathered prior to Hoeppner's death and is presented as it will appear in the 2007 Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook.

(All information as of June 18, 2007)


Perspective. No word fits Indiana's football situation better. Not even close.
For the second year in a row, Indiana head coach Terry Hoeppner will miss time with his team because of health reasons.

He wasn't with the Hoosiers during spring practices as he continued to recuperate from two brain surgeries. And in mid June, the school announced that Hoeppner, who was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, wouldn't coach this season. With Hoeppner out, the team will be run this season, just as it was in the spring, by offensive coordinator Bill Lynch. The former Ball State head coach was a perfect fit for the team during Hoeppner's in the spring, offering stability and wisdom thanks to his three decades in the game, and now he'll carry over that work into the fall.

"Coach Lynch has done a great job," Indiana co-defensive coordinator Joe Palcic said. "Much as we miss Coach Hep and we're awaiting his return, Coach Lynch has done a great job and we really haven't skipped a beat."

Lynch accepted his new responsibility with a heavy heart.