Team preview: Texas Tech

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(All information as of June 20, 2007)


In his seven seasons as head coach at Texas Tech, Mike Leach has probably had his name cursed by opposing defensive coordinators more than just about anybody in the game.

It's nothing personal, and certainly not meant to be disrespectful. In fact, it's just the opposite. Because finding a way to stop the multiple-receiver, wide-open, highly potent offense employed by the Red Raiders since Leach's arrival is no doubt the toughest job for each Big 12 coach every season.

Good luck. Not many have succeeded.

"It's going to cause a lot of folks problems preparing for it," said Tech defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich, who faces the Red Raider offense every day in practice. "You've got to see it to even have an idea how to defend it, and a lot of folks you see don't throw the ball every down like [Leach] does.

"It can really cause you a lot of problems."

The numbers alone for the Red Raiders under Leach make it scary enough, long before opposing coaches even see Texas Tech on film. Keep in mind that in the four years before Leach got to Lubbock, Tech failed to average 30 points in any of the four seasons and never averaged more than 202 passing yards per game.

In the seven years since? Well, those numbers look much different: