Team preview: LSU

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(All information as of June 20, 2008)

The 2007 national championship celebration was fun and it hasn't really stopped for LSU fans, but it didn't last long for coach Les Miles -- both at home and in the office.

"One thing about me, I'm pretty grounded with four kids," Miles said. "I get no respect at home anyway. I fought for my breakfast, lunch and dinner every time. Certainly it's been a great run. For me personally as a coach, you go on to the '08 year right away.

"It's a brand new team. That's really been our coaching staff's focus. The idea that we're defending, we're not. This is a brand new team and we haven't won a game yet."

Miles and his coaches know that winning the national title in 2007 doesn't guarantee anything in 2008 and this team can't afford to spend any more time thinking about the past. After winning two national championships in five years under two different coaches, the expectations are higher than ever at LSU, and anything less than national-title contention will be seen as a disappointment in some circles.