Why the Desmond Evans commitment is huge for Mack Brown, UNC

The Desmond Evans commitment is important for UNC on the field, but is meaningful for the program beyond it as well. Courtesy of 3Step

Mack Brown received his biggest recruiting win yet at North Carolina when defensive end Desmond Evans announced his commitment to the Tar Heels on Friday.

Evans is the No. 2-ranked prospect in the 2020 class, a five-star and the highest-ranked recruit in the state of North Carolina. All three of those facts are important, as Brown and his staff have already elevated North Carolina's recruiting profile since Brown was hired in November 2018.

What the commitment means for North Carolina

When Brown was hired, he said keeping the best in-state players at home was going to be not only a priority but a major part of whether his program would have success.

"You go to different places out of state to get some players, but to me, you got to win at home first," Brown said. "You got to win in this stadium before we can go somewhere else and win. You got to win at home in recruiting before you can go out of state. Because if the locals won't come, why would an out-of-state guy that's really good want to come?"