Who's winning the recruiting battle between LSU and Alabama?

As of Nov. 8, Alabama has the top-ranked recruiting class in 2020, and LSU is No. 4. But that could change. David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports

LSU and Alabama are playing one of the most anticipated games of the season. The on-field implications could shape the College Football Playoff, but what's happening off the field in recruiting is shaping the future of their matchups.

The Tigers and Crimson Tide go back and forth every year, battling for some of the same prospects to help form their rosters, and this year is no different.

From Patrick Surtain Jr. and Dylan Moses (who committed to LSU as a freshman in high school, only to eventually sign with Alabama) to DeVonta Smith, Kelvin Joseph and Ishmael Sopsher, there are plenty of names on the current rosters who considered both teams in recruiting. Alabama offensive lineman Matt Womack initially signed a financial aid agreement with LSU, which resulted in a recruiting violation for LSU when the Tigers acknowledged Womack publicly, only to have him renege on his financial aid and sign with Alabama.

There has been no shortage of recruiting battles in the current Class of 2020, so here is a look at some of the high-profile prospects both teams have been after.