Where college football teams stand in recruiting for the Class of 2021

Mack Brown has helped North Carolina land nine ESPN Jr. 300 prospects, including five-star defensive end Keeshawn Silver and QB Drake Maye. Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting is one of the few aspects of sports that has not been completely shut down because of the coronavirus. College football coaches can recruit prospects over the phone and through social media, and recruits can make commitments whenever they want, so it keeps rolling along.

While the recruiting process is still taking place, there have been some changes and restrictions to keep everyone safe, including a new dead period.

Despite that dead period, there has been a ton of movement with the 2021 classes, and some of the top prospects are already off the board. Here is a look at what has happened, where recruiting stands and which top prospects are still available.

How the coronavirus is impacting recruiting

The Division I council created a new dead period on March 13, prohibiting any in-person recruiting. That was initially scheduled to expire April 15 but was recently extended to May 31.

Coaches are still allowed to call, text and talk to recruits, and prospects are still allowed to commit during that time. The extension of the dead period to May 31 limits the number of opportunities for spring official visits.