Updated rankings for the 2021 ESPN 300 college football prospects

Defensive end Dallas Turner went from being ranked No. 141 to No. 13. ThreeStep

The 2021 ESPN 300 marks our 16th annual release, with offensive and defensive linemen headlining the next college football recruiting class. The only other class that featured five linemen in the top five spots was in 2019.

What is distinct about the 2021 class is that four of those slots are occupied by defensive linemen.

And highly touted offensive and defensive linemen isn't just a high school trend, given the 2020 NFL draft saw 11 linemen come off the board in Round 1.

The 2021 recruiting class features 13 five-star prospects, one of whom climbed 128 spots in the rankings. Here is everything you need to know about the 2021 recruiting class.