Inside the recruitments of top 2021 college football prospects

Defensive back Tony Grimes is the No. 6-ranked college football prospect in the Class of 2021. ThreeStep

Some college football prospects are starting to change their recruitment timelines, moving their decision dates up or moving them back, because of the restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. Whether their plans have been altered or not, coaches are still recruiting these elite prospects as much as they can.

There are currently 187 ESPN 300 recruits who have already made a commitment thus far in the college football recruiting cycle. Looking deeper into the list:

  • 90 of the top 150 have announced their commitments

  • 58 of the top 100 are committed

  • 25 of the top 50 are committed

And six of the 13 five-star prospects have made their commitments, including No. 1 prospect Jack Sawyer, a defensive end who committed to Ohio State. Sawyer is the only top-five recruit who has committed, however, and there are still quite a few big names on the board.

Some prospects might not yet be ready to commit, but here is a look at where some of the highest-ranked recruits might end up.