Latest BCS bowl projections

Jameis Winston's Florida State Seminoles remain in the No. 2 slot. Melina Vastola/USA TODAY Sports

While the number of potential BCS teams continues to shrink, it seems as if the number of interesting scenarios has multiplied. There are a few conference and division races that could be determined by a tiebreaker, not to mention a couple of BCS berths that could be filled by some extraordinary series of events that don't require a major upset to take place.

Basically, it's just another late November in the world of the Bowl Championship Series. I can't help but wonder if speculation about next season's four-team playoff will be nearly as entertaining as this.

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Vizio BCS National Championship

Current prediction: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Florida State Seminoles

Next in line for BCS No. 1 and No. 2 spots: Ohio State, Auburn, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Clemson

Alabama will be in the BCS title game if it wins out, and the same is probably true for Florida State. The caveat is that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston's status is, to some degree, up in the air because of his legal situation. If he is charged and suspended, it could lead voters to move Ohio State ahead of the Seminoles on their ballots. That's assuming Alabama and Ohio State are also undefeated.