Scenarios for every BCS game

Jameis Winston and the Seminoles are poised to play in the BCS National Championship. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend's results brought more clarity to the battles for most of the BCS spots, but the chase for the all-important No. 2 place in the standings is now as unpredictable as it has been all season.

Among the other things we're waiting to see: Can Northern Illinois win the MAC title and secure a place in a BCS game? Will Alabama finish in the top four and, therefore, be guaranteed of its own BCS at-large spot? Will Clemson finish in the top 14 and be eligible for selection? Will Michigan State remain in the top 14 if it loses the Big Ten title game?

So many questions. So few games remaining to give us the answers. Here's a look at the most likely scenarios for each spot in the Bowl Championship Series. (To review the latest standings, click here.)

VIZIO BCS National Championship

Most likely matchup: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Florida State Seminoles

Next in line: Auburn, Missouri, Oklahoma St, Alabama

Unless Jameis Winston is charged this week and suspended, causing some completely unexpected voter reaction, it's hard to see a scenario in which Florida State could win the ACC title and not be in the BCS national championship game. I'm giving Ohio State the edge over Auburn for the other spot, simply because the Buckeyes are a bigger favorite this week and, presumably, more likely to survive one more game without a loss.