Top questions for next three years

TCU's Gary Patterson and Louisville's Bobby Petrino have their respective programs on the upswing. AP Photos

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With Insider's College Football Future Power Rankings now out, our panel of CFB experts convened to answer some of the biggest questions over the next three years.

Which big-name program will have a vacancy? Will the College Football Playoff work (or expand)? Which team will fall the farthest?

It's all below in the latest edition of "No Huddle."

1. Which team will benefit the most from a conference switch (over next three years)?

Travis Haney: I realize TCU is 11-14 since moving to the Big 12, but I'm not giving up just yet on Gary Patterson. Of those 14 losses, eight have been by an average of a field goal -- and seven of those were conference games. So it's not as if the Frogs are being outclassed, even while they try to play catch-up in the talent department. Plus, you still have to like where they are literally positioned; they're the only Big 12 team that can take advantage of resources and recruits in the DFW metro area. In time, I think that turns things around, and it could be as soon as this fall. Think about this: Where would they be otherwise? The answer is marginalized in a lesser conference.

Brad Edwards: Of the teams that recently padded their bank accounts by changing conferences, Louisville probably has the best chance to benefit on the field, as well. The Cardinals are already in the upper half of the ACC in talent, and if Bobby Petrino still has a little magic left, it's not a stretch to think Louisville could soon be a top 10 team. Honorable mention goes to Nebraska for the Big Ten's new divisional alignment.

Kevin Weidl: I'm going to go a little outside the box here and say Wisconsin. With the additions of Maryland and Rutgers this fall, the Big Ten will again realign from the Leaders and Legends to East and West divisions, which will work strongly to the Badgers' advantage. While Wisconsin will now have Iowa, Nebraska and Northwestern in the their division (West), it's a very favorable trade-off with Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State all being in the East. The road to Indianapolis for the Big Ten title is now much easier.

Ryan McGee: I realize that Notre Dame's ACC affiliation isn't a total membership in football