QB accused of animal cruelty no longer enrolled at Missouri State

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Missouri State quarterback accused of severely abusing a friend's dog this past season is no longer at the school, coach Dave Steckel said Wednesday.

Breck Ruddick was suspended after the accusation that he beat a friend's Australian shepherd, drawing wide attention on social media. The dog had surgery to repair a broken jaw and several cracked teeth. In November, Ruddick pleaded guilty to letting an animal run free, and an animal cruelty charge was deferred as part of a plea agreement.

Ruddick was allowed to return to the football team but signed a contract involving his behavior before he could play again.

Coach Dave Steckel said Wednesday that Ruddick broke stipulations in the contract and is no longer on the team. He did not elaborate on how Ruddick violated the contract.

"We've released Breck Ruddick," Steckel said Wednesday, according to the Springfield News-Leader. "He broke his contract, so he's gone."

A university spokesman confirmed to the News-Leader that Ruddick is no longer enrolled at the school.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.