Ex-Buckeyes Amir Riep, Jahsen Wint indicted on rape, kidnap charges

Former Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint were each indicted on two counts of rape and one count of kidnapping, Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien announced Friday.

O'Brien said that if convicted, both men face a maximum consecutive term of 33 years of incarceration and must register as sex offenders.

Arraignment for Riep and Wint, both 21 years old, is scheduled for March 6 in Columbus.

They had pleaded not guilty to charges that they held a woman against her will and raped her earlier this month.

The woman told police that on Feb. 4 she started having consensual sex with Riep before Wint came into the room and both forced her into sex. After several minutes, they stopped and Riep told the woman that she needed to say what happened was "consensual on a video recording while laughing at her," according to police. Riep then told the woman she needed to shower before he drove her back to her home.

Officials said in court that police have the video recording.

Bond was set at $100,000 for Riep and $75,000 for Wint, and the men were ordered not to have contact with the woman or each other. They were also ordered not to discuss her on social media.

Ohio State dismissed the players from the team one day after the charges came to light.

Riep spoke with officers without a lawyer and passed a polygraph examination, his lawyer, Dan Sabol, said in a statement Friday.

"In a contest of credibility, Amir has done everything possible to prove his innocence," Sabol said. "If there is a silver lining to this indictment, it is that he will have the opportunity to prove his innocence in a court of law."

Sam Shamansky, representing Wint, noted last week that it took police seven days to arrest his client.

"This case is so full of reasonable doubt it's beyond belief. The reality is, my kid's innocent," Shamansky said on Feb. 13. He promised another statement Friday.

Riep, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound cornerback who was entering his senior season for Ohio State, was expected to compete for a starting job. Wint, a 6-foot, 198-pound redshirt senior, would have been in the mix at safety.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.