Aggies, Boise State on upset watch

Ryan Tannehill and Texas A&M had better watch out for SMU this weekend. Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Every week during the season, Will Harris will conspire with the computers and the wiseguys to evaluate the upset possibilities in college football's most compelling games -- and give his picks for who'll come out on top.

What if a group of the most knowledgeable college football experts in the world assembled together to study the sport from all angles virtually nonstop, eventually reaching a consensus opinion about every game?

You'd probably want to know what they had to say, right? And that's the case whether you're a casual fan, singularly focused on one team or somebody looking to pick every game correctly.

Fortunately for us, this consensus opinion is available every week, in the form of the point spread. It's an important number for gamblers, yes, but it's also one of the best tools we have for measuring which teams are overrated, underrated, primed to pull off an upset and vulnerable to being knocked off.

That's why every week we'll be employing the point spread in our analysis to pick the week's most compelling games, along with the help of TeamRankings' Pick 'Em Predictor, which provides win odds for every game based on their comprehensive system of historical analysis.

Can USF challenge Notre Dame? Will Georgia knock off Boise State? We evaluate all the best upset shots right here: