Busting CFB's Week 1 myths

Marcus Lattimore may run wild this season, but will a teammate upstage his Heisman candidacy? Frankie Creel/US Presswire

Every Monday during the season, ESPN Insider will be looking at the biggest myths coming out of the weekend in college football, and explaining why you shouldn't be buying them.

Here is our examination of Week 1.

Myth 1: The Missouri Tigers will have a C-minus offense this season

One of the most useful football analytic maxims is a classic Chris Berman-Tom Jackson saying: Once is an accident, twice is a trend, three times is a fact.

What this means is for something to be accepted as being the norm for a player or a team, it has to happen on a consistent basis.

A single, or even double, occurrence of an event simply does not provide enough evidence to make a hands-down case for it to be considered par for the course.

This is a good axiom for Missouri fans to keep in mind after hearing new quarterback James Franklin grade his own performance in a 17-6 Tigers win over Miami (Ohio) in Week 1 as a "C-minus."