What realignment means for BCS

Recent realignment moves -- and ones still to come -- could lead to BCS changes. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

So, the Pac-12 has decided to take a stroll down sanity lane, leaving the Big 12 to pull a Brett Favre retirement hoax for the second year in a row.

What exactly does that mean for college football, though?

At least for now, the Pac-12 won't be expanding to 16 teams, and the Big 12 should continue as a legitimate conference. Whether the ACC will expand to 16 teams and whether the Big East will survive as a football league are still up for debate, but one thing now seems certain after much of the smoke has cleared. The concept of four 16-team superconferences will have to wait.

It's just as well. Not only would superconferences have eliminated some traditional rivalries that mean a great deal to many fans, but they also wouldn't have delivered the one thing fans most desired from the creation of superconferences: a college football playoff.

However, that doesn't mean that changes won't be coming to the BCS as a result of this round of conference expansion.