Alabama, LSU top SEC and nation

Alabama's defense might be college football's best. Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

Every Monday during the season, ESPN Insider will be looking at the biggest myths coming out of the weekend in college football, and explaining why you shouldn't be buying into them.

Here is our examination of Week 6.

Myth No. 1: There's no true favorite at the top of the polls

Oklahoma, Alabama and LSU are clustered atop the polls, with not many votes separating the three, while there's a big gap between third and fourth. Voters are treating these teams interchangeably, but given the recent history of SEC dominance, it's hard to see how Oklahoma's even in the discussion for the top spot.

Alabama has won its past seven nonconference games against other automatic qualifiers. LSU has won five straight. Auburn had a streak of four straight snapped at Clemson this year, and Florida had taken six in a row before falling in Tallahassee last year.

SEC teams have claimed more than half of the BCS-era national championships, including the past five, four of which were by double digits. This should be no surprise, as SEC members collectively spend considerably more on coaches, facilities and infrastructure than the schools from any other conference in the nation.

The SEC advantage is most apparent on the defensive side of the ball. Coaches and scouts consistently identify the SEC as having better defensive linemen and better coverage players. The edge shows in the defensive results, as opposing offenses have had scant success recently against top SEC defenses in big national games.