A deeper look at the BCS picture

Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and Arkansas have a chance to re-enter the BCS mix. US Presswire

If there's one thing that we've learned over the years it's that the BCS picture can change in a hurry. So each week, in addition to projecting the most likely matchups for every BCS game, I'll be analyzing which teams have the next-best chance to land in each spot.

Here are my current picks to land BCS bowl bids, and the teams waiting in the wings for each slot:

Allstate BCS National Championship Game

Current prediction: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Next up for BCS No. 1 and No. 2 spots: LSU, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Wisconsin

It's a really simple title path for the team currently sitting in my No. 3 position: If LSU knocks off Alabama en route to an undefeated season, it will make the championship game. Oklahoma State's situation isn't quite as clear cut, but I still believe that the Cowboys control their own destiny and that if they run the table and beat Oklahoma, they'll earn a title game berth as well. As I wrote last week, the BCS computers consider the Big 12 to be the strongest conference in college football, so OSU figures to be in good position if it finishes the regular season without a loss.

Stanford and Wisconsin both need help in addition to remaining undefeated the rest of the way, with the Cardinal possessing a slight advantage over the Badgers if both teams run the table.