One-loss team could play for BCS title

Oklahoma State, Stanford and Clemson are all in the thick of the BCS title game mix. US Presswire

There is a lot of movement this week in the BCS standings, as losses by Oklahoma and Wisconsin have opened things up for other teams looking to land berths in BCS bowls and the BCS title game.

A couple of more losses by undefeated teams could open up something else: the possibility of a one-loss team ending up in the Allstate BCS National Championship Game.

Here's how: If Stanford and Oklahoma State lose to Oregon and Oklahoma, respectively, then all of a sudden we're one Clemson loss away from voters and the computers deciding between a one-loss team and Boise State for the second spot in the title game.

And of Stanford, Oklahoma State and Clemson, the Tigers are probably the only team that will be a solid favorite in all of the games on its remaining schedule. And nobody would be shocked if Clemson were to lose a game.

Let me be clear: I'm not saying that we're likely to have a one-loss team play for the BCS title, but it certainly seems much more within the realm of possibility than it did this time last week.

In the meantime, here's a look at my current BCS bowl predictions, and the next teams in line for each spot:

Allstate BCS National Championship Game

Current prediction: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Next up for BCS No. 1 and No. 2 spots: LSU, Stanford, Clemson, Kansas State, Boise State