The two-man Heisman race

As long as Stanford and Alabama keep winning, one of these two players will win the Heisman. US Presswire

Just two weeks ago it looked as though we were headed toward an epic late-season battle for the Heisman Trophy, with as many as six contenders in the hunt. But a few upsets later, it's suddenly a two-man race.

Andrew Luck of the Stanford Cardinal and Trent Richardson of the Alabama Crimson Tide have risen to the top of the rankings, and neither is going anywhere until their teams experience defeat.

While a six-man race for the Heisman would have been fun, college football fans are still going to be treated to an exciting two weeks of football in November.

On Nov. 5, Alabama will take on the LSU Tigers. One week later, Stanford hosts the Oregon Ducks. By the time these games are complete, if one or both candidates lead their teams to victory, it is likely that many voters will have settled on a favorite.

However, as the results this weekend reminded us, nothing is a sure thing in college football, and if both Bama and Stanford take a loss, this again becomes a wide-open race. Here's a look at what would happen:

What if Luck and Richardson both lose?