Boise State's magic BCS formula

Kellen Moore is having another good year, but national respect still isn't a given for the Broncos. AP Photo/Don Ryan

In the movie "Groundhog Day," Bill Murray's character, Phil, found himself waking up each morning and living the same day again and again. It's similar to how the last three years have been for the Boise State Broncos. They open each season with a win against a high-profile opponent, get lots of praise from the national media, continue to impress for about two more months, and then see undefeated teams from bigger conferences pass them in the BCS standings.

And just as with Phil, it doesn't always end in the same manner for the Broncos. Sometimes they finish unbeaten. Last year, they lost to the Nevada Wolfpack. But the next season begins, and they repeat the drill all over again.

We're now approaching the part of the plot where the undefeated teams from bigger conferences leap over BSU. Even though we know what's coming, it's hard not to keep watching just in case the main character might finally escape from the nightmare.

At least we think we know what's coming. After all, we've seen it before, and the major conferences never run out of unbeaten teams. In 2009, Alabama and Florida were on a collision course that ultimately produced an SEC champ to play Texas in the BCS title game. Last year, it was Auburn and Oregon that refused to lose. This year, it's either the LSU Tigers or Alabama Crimson Tide (whoever wins on Nov. 5), and somebody from the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Clemson Tigers and Stanford Cardinal group.

Or maybe the script writers will get creative and surprise us with the Kansas State Wildcats. Or if they really want to drive Boise State bonkers, they could have the Broncos get passed by a once-beaten team and set up a rematch of a game played earlier in the season with LSU taking on Alabama or the Oregon Ducks. That would make for good theater.

But at some point, Boise has to catch a break, right? Well, if you look closely, there are signs that this just might be the year.