How Georgia can beat LSU

Jarvis Jones (29) and the Georgia D must stifle the running game in order to beat LSU. Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The primary focus for this week's SEC championship duel between the LSU Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs will be on the main-event battle between Georgia's offense and LSU's defense.

As important as those skirmishes will be, the Bulldogs will need to be just as successful on the undercard clash between their defense and the Tigers' offense to have any chance of winning this game.

At first glance, winning that matchup looks to be a very daunting task for Georgia's defenders. LSU has scored at least 35 points in all but two of its contests this season and ranks 10th in the FBS in points per game.

It isn't just the scoreboard totals that are impressive. According to cfbstats.com, the Tigers' offense ranks 18th in the FBS in rush yards per game (215.8), 14th in passer rating (155.57) and tied for first in turnovers lost (eight).

So how does a defense go about stopping a team that can run and pass with equal efficiency and doesn't turn the ball over?

There isn't an easy one-step answer, but a detailed game tape and metric review provide a three-step path that Georgia could use to stop the Tigers' offense and thus give the Bulldogs a reasonable chance at pulling off the upset.

1. Take full advantage of LSU's rushing inconsistencies