Worst in-state recruiters

Mike Gundy hasn't done a very good job of reeling in elite recruits to Oklahoma State. AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

There might not be a greater slight in all of sports than a blue-chip prospect leaving behind his home-state program. There's certainly nothing more infuriating to a rabid fan base. Just ask Florida and Florida State fans how they feel about losing the Sunshine State's No. 1 and 2 recruits, WR Eddie Williams (Panama City) and S Travis Blanks (Tallahassee), to Alabama and Clemson, respectively.

Of course, the Gators and Seminoles don't have much trouble keeping elite ESPNU 150 prospects from bolting their borders. The two schools have combined to sign 60 out of a possible 147 elite in-state recruits from 2007-11 (lump in the Miami Hurricanes' 22 and that's 56 percent of ESPNU 150 Florida recruits remaining in Florida).

But some schools just can't fend off intruders fast enough. When ESPN The Magazine and RecruitingNation poured over the past five years of ESPNU 150 rankings (750 total recruits), these 10 BCS programs stood out as the worst at capitalizing on elite homegrown talent.