Virginia Tech's BCS chances

The Hokies' title potential is tied to how well Logan Thomas plays this season. Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

ESPN Insider's "20 teams that can win it all" series is previewing each of the top 20 teams in Brian Fremeau's five-year program metric, with the help of ESPN's Stats & Information group (for a full explanation and links to all of the previews as they are published, click here). This is the entry for Virginia Tech.

If not for Clemson, it would have been a banner season for the Virginia Tech Hokies. That's obviously not the way things work, discounting a pair of lopsided losses to a conference team -- including one in the ACC title game -- but it demonstrates that the Hokies weren't all that far from national championship contention in 2011. What would it take to get over the hump (other than beating Clemson on Oct. 20)?

Why the Hokies can win it all