Next steps for playoff plan

Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick was part of the group that announced the four-team proposal. Matt Cashore/US Presswire

As the conference commissioners pass the baton to the Presidential Oversight Committee for a potential Tuesday decision on college football's next postseason model, playoff proponents are almost ready to exhale.

The commissioners, along with Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick, announced Wednesday that their proposal to the committee will be a four-team, seeded playoff. But they also were certain to point out that the final decision rests with the university presidents.

It may concern fans to know that the Presidential Oversight Committee will not vote on this. They will share opinions, no doubt, but the outcome won't require a thumbs-up from at least nine of 12 committee members or anything like that. They may be representatives of U.S. institutions of higher learning, but this isn't exactly democracy at work.

The reason is simple: Some opinions matter more than others, as always has been the case with BCS meetings.