Projecting all BCS bowl teams

AJ McCarron, Marcus Mariota and Jeff Driskel have their eyes on the BCS title game. US Presswire

The first BCS standings are out, but we can be sure that the rankings will change quite a bit during the next few weeks as the games unfold.

Below, I've included my current projections for every BCS bowl, in addition to the next teams in line for each bid. So while Alabama and Oregon look like the top two most likely candidates to play for the national championship this season right now, there are several other contenders still in the mix -- and that includes some teams that already have losses.

Here is a look at the teams in the hunt for each BCS bowl bid.

Discover BCS National Championship Game

Current prediction: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Oregon Ducks

Next up for BCS No. 1 and No. 2 spots: Florida, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Mississippi State, LSU, USC, Oklahoma

Right now, Alabama and Oregon are my picks to make the national title game. If Florida goes undefeated, the Gators are in, and I think Notre Dame is the next-most likely team to make it with an undefeated resume, with Kansas State behind it. Notre Dame's name value carries weight in the polls, and even though K-State is in the Big 12, which the computers love, the Wildcats don't really have a "wow" factor that can excite the voters.

Something to watch is that some voters could put an undefeated Notre Dame ahead of an undefeated Oregon in the polls, just based on rewarding the Fighting Irish for their tough schedule. And they'll be better in the computers.