Ranking BCS undefeated teams

QB AJ McCarron and top-ranked Alabama control their BCS title destiny. Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Every year, when the first BCS standings come out, the same hypothetical question is always asked: "What happens if all the undefeated teams win out?"

As is usually the case, they can't all win out, because some still have to play each other. But the point of the question remains valid. A true pecking order does exist for the unbeaten bunch, and that order isn't always obvious by looking at the current rankings.

There are a dozen remaining undefeated teams, and below is a multi-tiered list outlining how I think they stack up in terms of help needed to reach the BCS National Championship Game -- assuming they can finish without a loss.

Tier 1: Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators

These are the only teams that absolutely control their destiny. Alabama will not fall from No. 1 in the polls if it runs the table, and Florida -- with games remaining against South Carolina, Georgia, Florida State and probably Alabama or LSU (in the SEC Championship) -- won't be any worse than No. 2 in the BCS if it wins out.