Does SEC deserve a title berth?

Kansas State is now ahead of Bama in the polls. But what would a head-to-head matchup produce? AP Photo, US Presswire

During the college football season, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay kick off each week by settling a debate, then they discuss emerging NFL prospects and look ahead to next week.

The discussion: Does the SEC title game winner deserve to play for the BCS Championship, even if there are two undefeated teams remaining?

Mel Kiper: In a word, yes.

Look, we all know polls and rankings reflect accomplishments more than merit. Going into the weekend, did any of us really believe that No. 9 Louisville could beat South Carolina, the team ranked just behind them? Of course not. And we have similar issues at the top. Notre Dame is a pretty telling case. They've had an exceptional season, and have, in the eyes of voters, earned their No. 3 ranking. But that number reflects what they've accomplished, not how good we really think they are. If they scheduled a neutral-site game for Saturday against Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina or Florida, which one of those games would they be favored to win? Maybe South Carolina? Maybe Florida?