Projecting BCS bowl matchups

The way things are going, Oregon will have a chance to celebrate in Miami. Kelley L Cox/US Presswire

One year and one week ago, we discussed the possibility of a one-loss Alabama team getting back into the BCS title picture after its loss to LSU. That team needed three undefeated teams in front of them to lose -- Boise State, Oklahoma State and Stanford -- and all three of them did. We know how the rest of the season played out.

Now this year's Alabama team, along with Georgia, is in a similar situation, needing two of the three undefeated teams in front of them to lose. But it's also a possibility that the Crimson Tide could be left out of the BCS entirely, as they are in my latest BCS bowl projections. Let's take a look at those projections for this week, as well as the next teams in line for each bid.

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Current prediction: Oregon Ducks vs. Kansas State Wildcats

Next up for BCS No. 1 and No. 2 spots: Notre Dame, Georgia, Alabama, Florida