SEC's NFL draft dominance

Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner is a consensus top-10 pick in this week's NFL draft. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The SEC being home to the past seven BCS National Championship teams is not exactly news to any fan of college football.

But even NFL fans who pay little attention to the college game have probably noticed that the SEC has recently been a step ahead of the other major conferences. It would be hard not to notice.

Last September, the SEC had 256 players on NFL Week 1 rosters, 41 more than any other conference. Last April, the SEC had the most players selected in the NFL draft for the sixth consecutive year. That's every draft since the conference's current streak of national championships began.

In all, the SEC has had 242 players drafted over the previous six years, which is 48 more than any other league (ACC has 194). That includes 51 taken in the first round, 17 above the second-highest total (Big 12 has 34) -- and, just to clarify, that's with Texas A&M and Missouri players being counted on the Big 12 side.

But the sheer volume of SEC players in the NFL doesn't tell the whole story. The NFL draft reveals where the SEC has had an edge on the other conferences, and it also shows, perhaps, what position strengths an opponent will need to end the SEC's title streak.