Who should Buckeyes play at QB?

Both Kenny Guiton (left) and Braxton Miller are in the mix to start at QB for Ohio State. Greg Bartram/USA TODAY Sports

The cliche of the week comes courtesy of Ohio State quarterback Kenny Guiton: "I'm here for whatever is best for the team."

He's talking, of course, about the budding controversy over whether he or preseason Heisman candidate Braxton Miller should start at quarterback for the Buckeyes, both this week against Wisconsin (8 p.m. ET, ABC) and going forward. The controversy has grown not because Guiton has led Ohio State to wins (another cliche we'll have to look at) against San Diego State, California and Florida A&M since Miller went out with an injury -- those could have been expected -- but because his passing has been tremendous.

Guiton set an Ohio State record when he threw six first-half touchdowns against Florida A&M. His first passing touchdown this season was a 27-yard throw into the corner of the end zone with a pass-rusher bearing down on him, and in his first start against Cal, Guiton's second throw of the game was a 34-yard connection, right on target, to a sprinting Devin Smith, who took it another 56 yards for a touchdown. All told, Guiton has posted an impressive Total QBR of 87 (unadjusted for opponent strength).

It raises two significant questions the Ohio State coaches are forced to ask: Can Guiton keep it up when the competition gets better? And even if he could, does that make him a better option for Ohio State than Miller?