Mariota is clear Heisman favorite

Though AJ McCarron tops the Heisman Predictor, Marcus Mariota likely will soon surpass him. Icon SMI

It's early October and the Heisman race is just heating up. With eight quarterbacks still in the hunt, and six of them leading undefeated teams, it would appear as though we're headed toward an epic race for the Heisman trophy.

However, one quarterback is on pace to put together a résumé so impressive, it could lead to one of the most lopsided Heisman votes in history.

In the crazy world of college football, anything could happen to shake things up, but if the current front-runner continues to build the perfect Heisman résumé, all the other candidates can do is sit back and marvel at his historic performance.

Ducks' QB flying high

As we discussed in the previous installment of the Heisman Predictor, Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota is the front-runner -- and it's not all that close.